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Lynn Gabriel 

Founder and National Conference Producer,  Event and Client Director since 2007

Background of Jazcorp 

Jazcorp Australia Pty Ltd, founded in 2007 by Lynn Gabriel, Conference Producer, Event and Client Director, has undergone a transformative journey since its inception as a Corporate Network.

The organization maintains a steadfast commitment to connecting multi-disciplinary groups through information, education, and networking opportunities.

Lynn's profound dedication to the Resource  Sector and Human Service Sector is demonstrated through her creation of nine industry networks, with particular emphasis on Safety considerations that bridge across these sectors.

Her founding of the Safety division played a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive safety measures across various industries.



Jazcorp entered the industry sectors by managing the Timber industry in 2009 in Western Australia.

Alongside Recruitment and Labour Hire services, the organization conducted a series of impactful events, workshops, and seminars focusing on vital topics like Change of Custody in the Timber industry, updates to the National Construction Code, and the Role of Timber in Architectural Design.

This period saw robust collaboration with essential stakeholders including builders, building surveyors, architects, timber engineers, and suppliers. The goal was to effectively communicate regulatory changes and drive innovation in the Timber Industry and  built environment.

In 2010, Jazcorp swiftly expanded its operations into promoting Frame Construction in WA following the Changes in Energy Efficiency 6 stars. Lynn's unwavering passion for innovation, problem-solving, education, and bridging disciplinary gaps ensured that all conferences, workshops, and seminars were characterized by interdisciplinary collaboration.

Jazcorp's mission in providing a platform for innovation and education led to additional services, including coordinating between suppliers of innovative products and providing CPD in-house presentations for architects . This initiative fostered knowledge exchange and promoted the integration of cutting-edge solutions into architectural practices.

The Built Environment 
In 2014, ADEB, spearheaded by Lynn, was established promptly within the organization. ADEB worked closely with Architects, Builders, Engineers, Building Surveyors, Access Consultants, and various suppliers across major cities like Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Under the ADEB (Architects Designers Engineers Builders) brand, the division rapidly expanded its presence nationally, leaving a notable footprint across the country.
ADEB took pride in holding a license granted by the Australian Building Codes Board, allowing the organization to conduct National Construction Code tutorials. The division maintained close collaboration with Building Surveyors and Field Experts, solidifying its position as a leader in regulatory compliance and industry expertise.

Lynn's leadership continued to drive impactful events under the ADEB brand, covering a range of critical topics such as Bushfire Reforms, Cladding changes, Fire Engineering (Fire Safety in High Rise Child Care and Aged Care), Construction Defect Law, Healthcare Buildings, Access NCC changes, and Structural defects.

These events featured high calibre Speakers and Representatives including the Building Commission, Australian Institute of Waterproofing, Fire Safety Engineers, NSW Cladding Taskforce, Rose Webb from the Department of Better Regulation, and Commissioner of Fair Trading.

Additionally, experts from the NSW Rural Fire Service, WA Department of Fire Emergency and Safety, as well as Professors from various universities such as lead investigators Prof. Martin Hoffman on Opal Tower and Lawyer Bronwyn Weir, co-author of The Shergold Weir Report, shared their insights and expertise, making these events highly impactful and relevant to industry professionals.

ADEB’s division expanded its scope into Health Care, Hospitals, and Aged Care, engaging closely with Architects, Builders, Facility Managers, and Suppliers specializing in this sector. The division offered comprehensive in-house services for Architects nationwide, delivering CPD workshops and in-house presentations by reputable Suppliers, many of which were authored by ADEB. Suppliers saw remarkable success, exceeding $1 million in product specifications across Small to Larger Commercial Architectural Firms.

This collaborative approach with stakeholders focused on building for occupants became a cornerstone of Lynn's passion and Jazcorp's commitment. They ensured that the voices of occupants were not just heard but also influential in shaping the practical design aspects of buildings.

Human Services Sector 

With the emergence of concerns like Infection Control, Legionella, and Lead in healthcare settings, ADEB Health and Aged Care division was established. This initiative led to collaborative events attended by experts in the Health Built environment, including Health Architects, Builders, Suppliers, as well as Hydrogeologists, Water quality auditors, local government officials, and infection control nurses from aged care and hospitals.

A series of workshops, conferences, and events were organized to address these health challenges, aiming to bridge information gaps and foster synergies among those designing, building, and occupying healthcare facilities.

The speakers featured representatives from key healthcare authorities such as Queensland Health, South Australia Health, and Western Australia Department of Health, discussing legislative changes impacting the built environment, plumbing, water management, as well as Aged Care protocols including infection control procedures.

This strategic shift led to the establishment of Health2ageducate and NDISLINK Conferences and Events, focusing on personnel within their respective domains. The organization also held conferences and events addressing the Royal Commission into both sectors. Furthermore, it continues to host workshops, conferences, and events in this space, specifically targeting challenges, regulatory changes, and frameworks set by policy makers and respective States.
As the Conference producer, Lynn meticulously crafted programs that were not only current and impactful but also relevant for both sector staff and those involved in building and design.

With the government's initiative on Specialist Disability Accommodation funding for NDIS, Jazcorp launched the NDISDA SDA Housing and Disability SDA Professional Network and SDA Conferences and Events. This network boasts the distinction of being the sole National SDA Contact Centre across Australia and holds the trademark for NDISDA.

The division collaborates closely with Investors, Financiers, SDA Providers, SIL Providers, Occupational Therapists, Architects, Builders, Developers, Town Planners, Participants, and stakeholders.
Since assuming the role of founder and Director in 2007, Lynn's overarching vision has been to bridge communication gaps and offer practical, educational, and innovative solutions across all disciplines, embodying a commitment to excellence and collaboration.

Resources Sector 

Listening and delivering forms a major role in the delivery of superior services and events.

Following major events in the Water Quality and Network on topics such as WATER POLICY REVIEW WA,  ANALYSIS OF PFAS IN WATER - DEVELOPMENTS AND TRENDS, MAR IN MINING, WA Managed Aquifer Recharge Policy guidelines change and New Drinking Water Regulation Framework 

Past sold-out events were attended by  a wide range of professionals, including water auditors, environmental officers, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, and water suppliers, focusing on maintaining water quality standards.


The dialogue expanded to include discussions on water management in mining, leading to the establishment of the Mines and Environment, Oceans and Environment, Water Quality and Health divisions.

With a continued passion for Environmental Concerns, Oceans and Environment division covered topics like Oil Spill responses, collaboration with Oil and Gas companies, and discussions with Marine Scientists and Harbour Masters.

National Safety Managed events were also a crucial part of these initiatives, with Worksafe WA, Safework NSW, Worksafe Queensland, and Worksafe Victoria actively participating across the country, catering to the building industry and healthcare sectors.

In her capacity as Conference Producer, Client and Event Director, Lynn discerned the necessity for distinct focus areas to effectively address each sector's unique challenges. This strategic approach allowed the divisions to delve deeply into their specific issues before harmonizing efforts to enhance communication and collaboration across disciplines.

With a nationwide team in place, Lynn leads all operational aspects, collaborating with regulators, industry sector law firms, professors, university representatives, associations, institutes, and advocacy bodies. This collaboration ensures that all sectors maintain compliance, stay updated, foster connections, drive innovation, and stay well-informed.

Today, Jazcorp oversees nine divisions spanning diverse sectors to include the Resource Sector and Human /Social Services.
These include Mining, Oceans and Environment, Water Quality Network, Safety management, ADEB (Architects, Designers, Engineers, Builders), NDISDA SDA Housing and Disability, SDA Conferences and Events, and NDISLINK Events and Conferences. Headquartered strategically in WA, Jazcorp operates nationally, emphasizing educational, technical, informational, and networking opportunities for professionals across disciplines.

Subscribe and join us as we continue our dedication and commitment to excellence, education, and collaboration which forms part of our mission.


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