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Foster sustainable and innovative ecosystems in the business landscape.

Join the Industry National Networks within your sector to stay informed.

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Welcome to Jazcorp Australia Pty Ltd, Industry's leading multi-discipline Network organization overseeing nine  Industry sectors.

Since our establishment in 2007, we have played a pivotal role in cultivating rapidly growing industry networks across Australia.

Our focus spans education, information, compliance, events, networking, and innovative sustainable solutions—contributing collectively to the success of diverse ecosystems.

As champions of a solution-oriented approach, we consistently delve into extensive research on industry challenges, compliance changes, policy shifts, guidelines, codes of conduct, standards, and frameworks.

Our commitment is rooted in creating dynamic event platforms that adeptly disseminate these insights across a spectrum of disciplines within our network.

OUR MISSION is clear: to educate, inform, connect, update, and inspire.

In our pursuit of excellence, we meticulously research and design event programs that directly address evolving challenges and concerns.


We provide a platform for your voice to be heard, seeking resolutions for you and your sector by curating impactful events such as seminars, conferences, roundtables, and workshops throughout the year. Our approach involves selecting the most relevant resources, speakers, and experts to ensure the delivery of practical solutions.

Through our initiatives, we facilitate connections with like-minded individuals, fostering long-lasting and sustainable business relationships.

We actively engage with Local Government Agencies, Universities, Associations, Institutions, Industry Experts, and select Taskforces nationwide.


By doing so, we present sustainable, current, and relevant solutions to the challenges facing your sector, leveraging the right resources.

Connect with us. Connect with others. Remain informed, updated, and educated.

Our invitation extends to all those who seek to make informed, educated, compliant, and sustainable decisions.


By engaging with Jazcorp Australia Pty Ltd, you gain the opportunity to learn more, improve processes, stay ahead, and remain at the forefront of your industry. Join us in shaping a future where knowledge, collaboration, and innovation drive success.

Professional Development 

Earn Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Points by participating in carefully curated events held across the country. Our Event Programs are designed to be educational, informative, engaging, and highly relevant. Attend any of our Industry Workshops, Conferences, and Seminars to accrue CPD points and receive Certificates of Attendance on request.

Please note that the allocation of points is subject to your institution's framework, ensuring that the earned points align seamlessly with your professional development goals.

Our commitment is to provide you with valuable experiences that contribute meaningfully to your ongoing growth and expertise within your chosen field.


Join us in advancing your professional journey through our thoughtfully crafted events.

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