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Mines and Environment 

JazCorp Mines and Environment 

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Working closely with the Water Quality and Health Network, Jazcorp Mines and Environment is focused on ensuring that all disciplines remain updated, educated, connected and informed

As a solution oriented organisation, Jazcorp Mines and Environment is focused on sharing a suite of information to stakeholders at various Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and events on environmental management initiatives - to include legislation, environmental impact assessments, environmental impacts of mineral mining, such as wastes, environmental protection expenditure, rehabilitation and industry self-regulation.

Other areas include ; 

  • Mineral exploration impact on the environment

  • Acid mine drainage

  • Rate of mineral resource use

  • Processing chemical pollution - spilling, leaking or leaching of chemical agents (i.e. cyanide, sulphuric acid) from the minesite into nearby water bodies.

  • Heavy metal contamination and leaching  and areas of Mining operations

  • Environment: biodiversity, ecosystem services, water management, mine waste / tailings, air, noise, energy, climate change (carbon footprint, greenhouse gas), hazardous substances, mine closure.


Connect with us and remain updated for future workshops, conferences, seminars and events. The Network is free to join. 


See here for some details on our upcoming 2022 Mines and Tailings Conference in WA (face to face and virtual) 

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