Using the Principles of Information, Communication, Education and Commercial Opportunities, JazCorp ADEB is committed to ensuring that Industry remains well informed, educated and updated regarding innovative building products, solutions, changes in building codes, legal and local industry matters


JazCorp ADEB offers a range of CPD services to suit the needs of the Architect & the Service Provider/ Supplier 

With education and communication on our mind, we carefully assess or design a presentation to ensure that it meets the educational needs of the Architect, and that the Presenters boast strong Technical Experience.

ADEB manages and co-ordinates lunch hour CPD presentations in the offices of many Architectural Firms.

Should you not hold a CPD Presentation contact us today to find out how we can assist. Our staff boast years of Educational & Technical experience and can also assess current presentations to ensure that they meet formal criteria.

As a strong organization with presence in Western Australia, this service is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland as the demand for technical and educational workshops remains high

ARCHITECT AND ENGINEER CPD WORKSHOPS are held in lunch hours at Firm’s office to include Quarterly Programs conducted in WA, NSW, QLD, VIC. These workshops are designed to ensure that industry remain well informed and that all can engage and remain updated

Breakfast and Lunch events are also held throughout the year attended by various Firms  

Learning Outcomes and Formal Assessments are included.

2018 PROGRAM – 

For a list of our Program for 2017 please email 


Past Breakfast Seminars have included  included the Building Commission, Landcorp,  Dept of Regional Development and Lands, Industry experts, Norman Disney and Young, Australian Windows Association, Institute of Steel, Member of the Senate, Green building Council, Landcorp, Department of Planning, University of South Australia, University of UWA and Curtin, Alannah MacTiernan, Forest Products Commission, Australian Industry Group, Australian Constructors Association, Concrete Institute member, Timber Development Association,  Manufacturers and Engineers. These events are held in line with Industry changes and demand.

To request a presentation following a Seminar or a Certificate of Attendance, or to register for CPD workshops please email or call 1300 667 709 for more information on our 2017 Program or fill in the below and we will respond within 48 hours . 

If you are a Supplier or Service provider and require services /training such in

  • Understanding the Framework
  • Presentation Skills
  • CPD Presentation Design or current presentation assessment service 

Please fill in the below or contact us on 1300 667 709




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