Annual Payments are available at a 10% reduced rate and payable in full at the time of booking.

Monthly bookings are paid prior to the advertisement placed on the Site and payable one month in advance by Visa, Master Card or eft online. Advertisements will not go live on the Site until payment is received in full.


Cancellation of an order will be accepted in writing prior to the relevant publication booking. Any cancellations received after this time will attract a cancellation fee of 70% of the total advertisement value

Booking an ad

Price may change without notice and are subject to the current rate card

Orders are subject to variation as to the rate payable and the space available

JAZCORP reserves the right to cancel any order on which advertising is not inserted within one month of the date of the order


JAZCORP reserves the right in its absolute discretion:

  1. To withhold any advertisement
  2. To alter any advertisement
  3. To postpone or advance the day of insertion
  4. To insert the advertisement in any position even though the position has been specially arranged or the position may be on the same page or next to that of a competitor’s advertisement
  5. JAZCORP has the right to refuse to publish or republish any advertisement without giving any reason for that refusal. In this event a prorate adjustment will be made to the advertising rate
  6. No liability shall be incurred by JAZCORP by any reason of any or all of the following
  7. Amendment to or error or inaccuracy in any advertisement
  8. The partial or total omission of any advertisement
  9. By reason of any delay or default
  10. From any other cause whatsoever
  11. JAZCORP reserves the right to alter advertising copy with or without reference to advertisers, to ensure that the Site is not exposed to legal action defending publication of material prepared by other parties

Error Claims

Production and placement claims must be made within 7 days of adverting

Trade Practices

The Federal Trader Practices Act and the WA Trade Descriptions and False Advertisement Act prohibit false or misleading advertisements. Advertisers should refer to the Consumer Protection Advertisers Guidelines published by the Trade Practices Commission;


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